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Mallory Jagielski | Senior | 17 | FC: Hayden Panettiere | Taken

“The whole world’s a stage right? Why not give em’ a show?”

Mallory Jagielski was her daddy’s princess. With such an age gap between her and her sister, she was never want for attention. Despite not being around her mother, Mallory inherited her love of being overdramatic. As a child, everything she did was larger than life and for more exaggerated than a little girl should be. After her father moved them back to Tree Hill when he gained full custody, Mallory fell in with the other children wonderfully. They were so cute! She found fast friends in Lydia, Shane and Logan. Meeting Madison through Lydia’s brother completed her circle. They were her life and the ones she could always talk to.

Mallory was a cute child, she was bouncy, loud and had a look at me attitude that made the adults around her smile and comment on how precious she was. She really hit her stride sophomore year of high school. She developed curves and started dressing for her figure, her jeans and t-shirt days far behind her. She found herself with more attention from the boys around her and she enjoyed it. She knew she was considered a flirt and little bit of a tease, but that was the fun in it!

One Friday night, Mallory found herself at a party a few towns over, drinking with some friends when she found one of the most attractive men she had ever seen. Showing a little bit of leg, she made her way over and spent the rest of her night flirting. A makeout session later and they found themselves parting ways. Most wouldn’t think much of it, except for the fact that this man happened to be Josh Hartlet, local celebrity rockstar who had gone to school with her older sister. She knew who he was, which only made it more exciting for her. But what happens when a little make out session happens to become more, especially since the guy is almost ten years older than her?

Other details:

  • Youngest child of Jake Jagielski
  • Enemies: Davis Baker, Sierra Willis
  • Closest friends: Lydia Scott, Shane Kirby, Logan Evans, Madison Sanchez
  • Waitress at Karen’s Cafe

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