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Delaney Scott | Sophomore | 15 | FC: Lucy Hale | Open

“The thing is, I’m not a little girl. I can take care of myself. I need you to trust me.”

Delaney Scott was always given special treatment. Being the baby, she always had people looking after her. Her parents, her siblings. Her brother most especially. As a child she loved the attention, she couldn’t get enough. As she got older though, it became more of a hindrance than anything. Never allowed to get away with anything made for a very dull life. Under the watchful eye of her family, Delaney found an interest in music. Not being able get away with anything, she spent most of her time with her mother as she worked ay Red Bedroom. Under the tutelage of her mother and Mia, Delaney continued to develop her musical interests.

By the time she reached high school, she had already mastered the guitar and the piano and found herself constantly writing lyrics and jotting down tabs whenever she thought of something. She was never far from a pen and any form of paper near her fell into her clutches, toilet paper, receipts, anything she could write on. Music was Delaney’s source of freedom. She could write whatever she wanted without fear of being told she was too young. 

Delaney was never one to lash out or be angry. She preferred to stay quiet and watch from the sidelines. It takes time to get know her. Being protected and sheltered has made it hard for her to break out of her shell. There is one thing Delaney wants more than anything though and that is to show people that she isn’t a little girl. She doesn’t need her big brother constantly checking up on her or her parents watching her every step. And she’s ready to show people who Delaney Scott really is. 

Other details:

  • Youngest child of Nathan and Haley James Scott
  • Closest friends: Kayla Baker, Molly Brennen, Charlie O’Dell
  • Enemies: Sierra Willis
  • Hangs around Red Bedroom most of the time.

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