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Ainsley McFadden | Junior | 16 | FC: Emma Stone | Open

“What? I’m totally in control. I just do what I want to do. Is there anything so wrong with that?”

Ainsley had never really cared about too much. Growing up, she’d been the little girl to throw fits for attention. Her older sister, Christina was always the angel child in her parents eyes, which only made Ainsley crave attention even more. In her early years in school she’d chase after boys, trying to kiss them, and her parents often got calls home about this inappropriate behaviour. 

As Ainsley started to get older, she stopped realizing what she was doing was bad. Her attempts at getting attention were becoming habit. At the start of high school, a whole new world of getting into trouble was opened for Ainsley. She did what she had to to get invited to all the parties, and she quickly became the girl who always drank just a little too much, or went a little too far just for attention. She didn’t care if people saw her as sloppy, all she cared about was getting the attention. 

Nothing is ever off limits for Ainsley. Flirting with boys that are taken, or trying a new drug. She’d do anything as long as all eyes were on her. Most people talk about Ainsley behind her back, commenting about how out of control she was at the last party, or how she was just an attention seeking whore. Her parents are tired of trying to control their daughter, and they’re slowly giving up, not sure if she’ll realize the path she’s on.

Ainsley likes to think she’s in control, even though the whole world can clearly see she isn’t. Girls around school don’t like her because she gets around, and isn’t discreet about it, and guys either want to take advantage of her, or make fun of her. Ainsley does what she has to to ignore the fact that she doesn’t really have any close friends, because most people don’t want to deal with her messy party ways. 

Other details:

  • Second child of Marvin and Millicent McFadden
  • Closest friends: None
  • Enemies: Lydia Scott, Caitlin Taylor, Mallory Jagielski 

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